Sunday, August 30, 2009

What We Inherited

Since 64 million left-leaning Americans & Socialist Democrats put this Obamination into the White House in '2008, aided & abetted by the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ACORN "voter registrations"; and an equally corrupt Media & Press barrage of tainted and outright lying news reporting, the nightmare of our economic instability continues on a downward spiral unequalled in our Nation's History. Unequalled in the History of the entire World.

So much so, that some of our so-called "Allies" & all of our enemies have called for the American Dollar to be replaced in the World marketplace. This is an unprecedented sign of total "dis-respect" & lack of credibility of America's present standing & ability in the world today, fueled by the constant denunciation of America's accomplishments throughout History by this Black muslim Presidential pretender.

Remember, this is the same muslim Presidential candidate who professed his "Christian" up-bringing across our nation for over 2 long years. Remember too, all democrat lawmakers also professed him a "Christian" & not a muslim. Over 64 million ignorant voters believed him & the rest is our unfortunate history to date.

In approximately 6 months in office, Obama has denounced America in almost every country he has visited while "touting" his Muslim up-bringing, NOT his Christian up-bringing. America, under almost every other President, Republican or Democrat, has supported the entire world throughout our History; has freed nations from tyranny, dictators, & brutal regimes. Americans have shed their blood over & over again in defense of freedom-loving peoples around the globe.

Only the scum of a Socialist indoctrinee from a third-world country would continue to condemn this great Country & that's why Obama continues to extend his outreach to these Dictators. Never in our great History has any one man (as President) demeaned this Great Office as Obama has done.

Since '2000, the democratic lawmaker's war cry has constantly been..."Bush did it"...."Bush did it"...."Bush did it" !! In '2006, a "brainwashed" American public gave the Dems a majority in the House & 2 votes short of a majority in the Senate. Democrats united behind their "war cry" & continued the: "Blame Bush" syndrome for everything from a shortage of baby diapers at Wal-Mart to hurricane Katrina, to the Iraq war is lost (Harry Reid & Pelosi).

The American public, no longer "buying" the "Blame Bush" syndrome, has forced the Democrats to come up with a new "war cry". Their new mantra is: "WHAT WE INHERITED" !!

These three words are spoken by every democrat no matter what question they're asked. Their every response is pre-determined with ....."what we inherited". From Obama on down, these words are being imbedded into the minds of the American people just as vehemently as ..."Bush did it" !!

The GOP allowed President Bush to be denounced over & over & over and in the end, lost total control of our Government. Democrats used Hitler's message (prior to WW II) as effectively as he did to "captivate" & enslave his people as well as people of other nations.

Hitler's message was simple...."TELL A LIE LONG ENOUGH AND OFTEN ENOUGH AND THE PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT". Enter the age of Obama, enter the age of Socialist Democrats, enter the age of TAX & SPEND, enter the age of America's Capitalism & free-market destruction.

Let's just re-cap what really was "inherited" from the Presidency of George W. Bush & a Republican Congress from '2000 to '2005. To name just a few:

1. the most robust & growing economy in America's history & in the history of the world. (noted & recorded)!

2. unemployment under 4%, the lowest in over 4 decades. (over 3.7 million new jobs created)!

3. the housing market exploding with home sales & purchases; the building market up 82% & climbing.

4. the Bush "tax cuts" breathing new life back into ALL Americans & our economy. Putting more money back into the pockets of the American people & our economy, had the Stock Market "breaking" 14,000 on the Exchange!

5. with oil "regulators" beefing up the price per barrel, gas prices held at below $2.30/per gal. (the Dems continually blasted Bush on that price, condemning everything he did to control it, including Drill Here..Drill Now )

6. creation of the HomeLand Security Dept. & policies & legislation to sustain our fight against terrorism (constantly condemned & obstructed by Dems; law suits from the ACLU; protest after protest from anti-war, pro-illegal immigration scum)

7. creation of the "no child left behind" programs that proved vital to our school systems.

8. increased border security over 70%; began border fencing demands on Congress; made Americans aware of the illegal immigration problem. (continually condemned by Dems who produced legislation against fencing)

9. upgraded to its highest levels our surveillance & security measures, code-breaking terrorist "chatter", (obstructed by Dems; ACLU; & Code-Pink orgs.,...according to these Socialists, we were "denying terrorists their "civil rights" )

10. authorized billions & billions of dollars for disaster struck countries; billions & billions to combat "AIDS" in Africa; billions for humanitarian aid around the world; & lets not forget: billions to fight our own National disasters like "Katrina"; floods; bridge collapses; hurricanes, etc..!

p.s. No help from any other country in the world, or the U.N. !!

11. brought to light, (to the world) the fanatical "hatred" Islamic Jihadists have for ALL Infidels & began the effective war on terrorist activities GLOBALLY without too much help from our so-called "allies" ??

12. lets not forget President BUSH's oath as President: Protecting America & the American people....Since 9/11, not one terrorist attack on American soil. Dozen's of terrorist attacks around the globe, foiled & detected, due solely to President BUSH's & the GOP's implemented strategies. The inner workings of State & Local agencies around the world, working together for one purpose, :i.e; "DEFEAT ISLAMIC JIHAD".

13. THE IRAQ WAR: (the Dems & their corrupt media & press outlets, anti-war scum, & the entire "Bleeding Heart" progressive liberal base, used this to promote their "appeasement'' of the muslim world. A fanatical religion with zealots hell-bent on killing ALL infidels, especially JEWS & AMERICANS).

Remember the Dems..??? "This was a War that could NOT BE WON" !!!

Remember the Dems..??? "Our fighting Men & Women were murdering & raping civilians" !!!

Remember the Dems..??? "Our soldiers were "sneaking in the dead of night" to kill civilians" !!!

Remember the Dems..??? "We tortured terrorists from the battlefield with women's panties on their

heads & dog collars around their necks" !!!

Remember the Dems..??? "Our returning G.I.'s could be possible Domestic Terrorists" !!!

Remember the Dems..??? "Our own CIA continually lies to Congress" ; a/k/a Nancy Pelosi"

With all of the above & more... & fighting Terrorists on two (2) War fronts, (Iraq & Afghanistan), President Bush & the GOP were continually condemned throughout the media & press as having "run up our deficit to approximately $585 Billion dollars". (that took approximately 8 years)

Look at the above & consider this is what Obama & all his Democrat cronies refer too as ......."WHAT WE INHERITED" !!

Well America....Look at the "deficit" now under Obama & Democrats !!! (and it only took them approximately 100 days to run-up over a three (3) Trillion dollar deficit just on "Pork" spending. By 2015, the Gov't Accounting Office (GAO) projects a deficit of over $15.7 Trillion dollars if these maniacs are not stopped with their "out of control" spending; their attacks against the Free Market; their obscene growth of government & its interference into the private sector of every Americans life.)

Since the take-over of our Congress in '2006 by Democrats, no further explanation is needed to explain the disastrous consequences DEMOCRAT ideologies, & their destructive legislation, has caused America & the World. The financial meltdown of our economy can be traced right back to the collapse of our housing market & Democrats like Barney Frank & Chris Dodd are on the same level of corruption as the "Ponzi Scheme" expert, Bernie Madoff.

However, Vice President, "bumbling" Joe Biden, has given the American public the real explanation of Democrat control....and that is....."WE ALL UNDERESTIMATED THE PROBLEMS". !! WOW....what leadership, what direction, what a "consoling" gesture for the American people at this time.

Unless I'm mistaken, wasn't it the Democrats that proclaimed they will correct "all the faults" that George W. Bush had caused (above).?? Obama offered "HOPE" & "CHANGE", & "YES WE CAN" ; but he left out "one" very telling word, & that word was: "DISASTER" !

Lets just re-cap "What we inherited" as opposed to "What we got" !! ( Bush-o-nomics (above) vs. Obama-nomics (below).

1. our Economy on the brink of depression; inflation; uncontrolled discriminatory spending; the Global reduction of the value of the American dollar. The worst Economy in over 60 years.

2. unemployment expanding to over 10% & in some states, over 12%. The loss of approximately 7 million jobs & growing. The worst statistics in over 5 decades.

3. the housing market......DEAD !

home sales...................DEAD !

home purchases...........DEAD !

the building market........ALMOST NON-EXISTENT !

personal & business loans.......ALMOST NON-EXISTENT !

freeing-up credit............DEAD !

4. increasing our taxes to create trillions of dollars in deficit spending. Billions of our taxpayer dollars "wasted" on Pork Barrel (payback) Spending. The Stock Market averaging below 8200 & continually fluctuating against every new spending program initiated by Obama & Democrats.

5. oil prices fluctuating uncontrolled, regulators again trying to "stiff" the American public. And why not...??? The Obama "Cabinet" is made up of tax cheats, liars & lobbyists !! Even the Left-wing White House Press Corp. has begun "challenging" the pre-fixed questioning that Obama & his staff put forth almost daily. (so much for "openness" & "transparency" ??) When a Democrat has Helen Thomas against them,...that's saying allot !

6. HomeLand Security policies & legislation being "eliminated" or severely handicapped by Janet Napolitano. The Democrat Congress refusing to allow the funding to continue Border fencing. Democrats need illegals (from anywhere) to get votes they need to stay in power. Democrat ideology is simple:...."we got you into the USA, now vote for us"! (very simple, but very effective).

7. the decayed school system, is decaying even further. No amount of wasted Trillions, (over the years) has ever changed that! The drop-out rate has tripled, the literacy rate is disgusting, & the answer from Obama & democrats is to "remove the school lunch programs"??

Since Obama & all Democrats have declared that America is no longer a "Christian Nation"; there are no longer any terrorists to worry about, they're just "Overseas Contingency Operations" & 9/11 was just a "man-made disaster", so why not reduce our military, our arsenals, & our intelligence ?? Why not reduce our missile defenses by billions of dollars.?? Reduce our attack weaponry, aircraft, ships, armaments, etc..

Obama & Democrats have no problem with dismantling our Nuclear Super Power status because "Obama's Charisma" is going to make ALL of our us. His "eloquent" speaking ability will deter incoming Missiles. And if all that doesn't work, he'll "unleash" Michelle on all the Rogue nations. That says it all !!!

The Black Muslim American terrorist that killed one soldier & wounded another, on American soil (according to Eric Holder, our Atty General) was just an "isolated incident". Nothings been done about it & nothing will be done about it. Didn't Eric Holder "refuse" to prosecute Black Panther obstructionists at the polling & voting places ?? The answer is ....YES he did, because YES HE CAN !!!

With approximately 300 million Americans, 64 million voted Democrats into office, while 62 million voted against them. That leaves approximately 175 million Americans that "didn't take the time" to vote. All I can say is that 175 million American voters had better "take the time" in 2010 & again in 2012 or America is finished as we remembered it. As the World remembered it.

The choice is simple: WE THE PEOPLE must take back our Country now before there is NOTHING to take back!!

Nobody said it better than Ronald Reagan in 1989: "Ours was the first Revolution in the history of mankind that truly reversed the course of government and with only three little words: "WE THE PEOPLE." WE THE PEOPLE tell our government what to do; it doesn't tell us."

To every American that reads this, the question you each must ask yourself is:....'Do you want what we inherited or do you want what we've got now' ???


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